Raft on Resonance 104.4 FM

“Raft” is my new monthly programme on Resonance 104.4FM (London’s vital independent radio station), broadcast every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 5pm.

It will be a living lab in which ideas for “Raft” the movie will take shape and grow, a chronicle of my adventures and discoveries as I set off into the city- sometimes physically, sometimes in dreams- joined by a host of characters searching for redemption in an urban landscape of alienation and loneliness: independent artists, city flaneurs, cultural advocates, witnesses whose very physical presence within the changing  city is an act of subversion, the guardians of alternative narratives and local forms of culture.

Raft is a dystopic fairytale of London, an evocation of the city’s past, present and future, a gathering of voices, a call to arms; the celebration of collective action and alternative narratives, and the proposal of a new poetics of space that celebrates the marginal and eccentric as a powerful agent for social change within the context of urban life.

This month’s episode will be broadcast on Tuesday 18th September at 5pm and I will be joined on the Raft by Gareth Evans, writer, curater and cultural advocate, and Bird Radio, singer, songwriter and composer.

Tune in!

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