RAFT on RESONANCE 104.4 fm Episode 18

Horse HospitalTune into Resonance 104.4fm on Tuesday 17th of March at 5pm for episode 18 of Raft!

Credits for this month’s episode:

We dedicate this month’s episode to The Horse Hospital, currently battling against an unreasonable 444% rent increase. We revisit a live RAFT Salon that took place there a few years back, featuring, in order of appearence:

Gareth Evans

“No Encryption Dictates Encryption” composed by James Hesford

A poem by Jazzman John

“Deptfordia” by John Bently

A live London improvisation by Jo Roberts

Roger Burton

An excerpt from George Kuchar’s “A Reason To Live”

As the end of the lease looms near, this could be The Horse Hospital’s last month in its mythical abode in Bloomsbury, but hope is not lost and the battle continues!

To find out how you can help please visit this link.



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