RAFT on RESONANCE 104.4 fm Episode 20


Episode 20, Tuesday 19th of May, Resonance 104.4fm

Listen again here



Dear friend,

my days are strange, sometimes bright, sometimes warm, sometimes rattled by a powerful wind that shakes all the blossom from the trees, turning the tarmac into rivers of white through which I wade.

This is not the city I have known.

The nights are even stranger. I sleep a dark sleep populated by dense images, disquieting and unfamiliar- a comatose rearranging of my waking life, itself so arcane. And that’s when I call to you, my friend, but you never visit me there, in dreams. 

Instead I wake up and measure the days and the hours, but I quickly lose count. I step into the street, but even there I can see nothing ahead of me, beyond a bright milkiness as blinding as the night. I throw my voice in front of me, to test the ground.

Hello? Can you hear me?

Are you there?

This is a choral piece, a sonic patchwork that brings together the voices of many of my past guests and dear friends, recorded across space and time over the telephone (at a time when distance separates us so cruelly), in a cathartic act of release, a gesture of collectivity on the airwaves, a majestic embrace that might lift our spirits and gather us together for a while.

“LETTERS FROM MY FRIENDS”- PART I: POSTCARDS features, in order of appearance:

James Hesford/ Eleanor Chiari/ John Bently/ Judith Clute/ Richard Sylvarnes/ Tanya Peixoto/ Sukhdev Sandhu/ Andrea Luka Zimmerman/ Jupiter John/ Gareth Evans/ Mikey Kirkpatrick/ Nawroz Oramari/ Julius Beltrame/ a chorus of birds recorded by Helena Hunter and Mark Peter Wright.



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