RAFT on RESONANCE 104.4 fm Episode 31

Artwork and image © Kate Daudy

Tune into Resonance 104.4fm on Tuesday 18th of May at 5pm for episode 31 of Raft!

Credits for this month’s episode:

“Rising with the tide” a sonic exploration of the journey from the shore to the cathedral, by Chiara Ambrosio

A conversation with Kate Daudy


This month I am joined on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral by artist Kate Daudy, exploring her wonderful work alongside conversation around deep time, ancient Egypt, Marina Warner, mudlarking and the radical role of empathy.

Things we mention in this episode include:

We Can Talk About It In The Car by Kate Daudy

Kate Daudy at the Saatchi Gallery: ‘It Wasn’t That At All’

“Inventory of a life Mislaid” by Marina Warner

“Notes from Deep Time” by Helen Gordon

Robert Janz and his water graffiti

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